1968 Nuuhiwa lightweight pintail

Anyone know whos building accurate replicas of the 1968 Bing Nuuhiwa lightweight pintail? Soft displacement hull, thin egg rails, about 9- 2". I`d like it to have the same weight, fin, glass schedule, type of foam, etc. Price? Nothing fancy in color- for regular surfing, not a wall-hanger. Thanks.

Wayne Rich 805-9653180

Try Mike Eaton, he is in has a web site. I think it is www. eatonsurfboards.com. Mike is a great guy and has made quit a few of these boards.

Anyone remember when the term “longboard” was unknown? When surfboards were just called “surfboards”?

Thats a good one Fossil.After the short board got popular we called em “Logs”.Regarding the Nuuhiva pintail thing you can also get with Jim Phillips if in the Encinitas area.Those were great boards in my humble opinion. R. Brucker