1984 , part 2 ... a 'winged keel' article

for ‘RDM’ …

all because , “you aaasssskkkeddd for itttt !!”

[p.s. - this was an interesting issue oF Surfer …it had Curren on the front " making speedboat-type wakes " , and inside an interview with the channel bottom riding powerhouse , Gary “Kong” Elkerton ]

Thanks Ben !



no wuzzas mate !

…two things struck me , as I re-read this article …

  1. how many 23 yo pro surfers today are prepared to ride “non-conventional” equipment in contests [or even ALLOWED to ?]

  2. how many 23 yo pro surfers today could articulate what design characteristics in theoir boards do what , and provide that feedback to their shaper[s] ?

  3. afterthought …how many pro surfers of ANY age are prepared / willing to entrust their success to a “non-shaper” , or LISTEN to any "different’ ideas ?

    just some random thoughts …