1st board! Big Boy Luna Fish - 6'5"/22"/3"

Hi all - here’s some pics of my first attempt at shaping - thanks everyone here for a great forum. I haven’t posted anything yet, though I’ve been lurking here over a month because there’s so much great info in the archives… hope the FAQ is up and running again soon, would be a great/easy resource.

I’m keeping this one fairly straightforward. Flat bottom, sorta flat deck, only tricky part (for me anyway) is the butt krak. So, still working on that and the nose a little, then ready for lokbox + glassing.

If anyone’s interested, I used the bosch cordless planer (yeah, I sucked it up and went with a power planer on my first board, call me crazy). It worked extremely well. I have 3 batteries for it, went through about 1 1/2 each night (2 nights shaping), though I’d think you’d go through them a lot quicker if you were a full time shaper. I used the planer to rough out the shape, then lots of time with 50 grit sand block, not too much sure form.

I’ll post more as I progress…


once you have uploaded attachments, check “inline” then click the little picture icon right abouve the text box. then apply each pic before submitting. you should be able to see the pics before submitting. also, if you want them as attachments, dont click inline.

O ya, welcome to Swaylocks.

I’ll try to attach the images with html… sorry bout the testing…

btw - Luna is my daughter :slight_smile:

Thanks Scott, markup works just fine for me (was a web designer for countless years). And thanks for the Swaylock’s welcome - really stoked to be here, and really really stoked to be making boards - I have 2 more blanks waiting in the wings…

Make sure she doesnt walk on the blank… referring to this post…


funny read!

great logo!

Thanks Albert… I probably spent more time on that then it took to make the board - never enough time in the day…