1st Board with pics

After lurking on here for a while & taking in all the information I decided to have a go at shaping my first board.

I mostly ride single fins and a log when its small, so I tried to shape some thing in-between.

 Its 8'8. With eggy type rails, wide tail and a narrow nose.

I dont think I will glass it myself, seems a bit to tricky at the moment. It will be a single fin, cant wait to get it glassed and see how it goes. I will post some more pics once its glassed.





Narrower tail, or it will be hard to turn.  You have small hands, or it might be a touch thick.  Other than that, very nice on your first.

Thanks, its probally a combonation of both with the thickness. I am only 20 so I guess I will see how it goes.

Looks kinda like a mini Pig with those fatty bom bom wide hips.


[img_assist|nid=1052979|title=My Jacobs|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=196|height=147]

If you don’t want to pull in the tail you can make it into a swallowtail to loosen it. The hips are pretty wide.

Thanks for the input.


Just looking for some advice on what cloth weights I should use when it comes time to glass it?

I was thinking a 6+4 ounce for the deck and maybe 2x8 ounce for the bottom?

Double 6 or 6/4 top, single 6 bottom.

What MikeB2010 says will work. 8oz. is way too heavy for use.

The foam type and density should be considered before deciding on glassing schedule.

I think it looks really cool and fun…plus it’s your own;.  im gonna talk to my shaper and try to shape my own…

     Bring it up to Bodega and I’ll glass it for a 10’3 LB blank + cost of materials.

With the help of a fellow swaylocks member I was able to glass it at home, and get a lesson for next time.

Iam very happy with the result.



Feels good doesn’t it? Nothing better than riding your own. If this board turns you on, then that is more than half the battle. If you dig it from the start, you will surf it better. One Warning, You Will Never Be Satisfied Again. Bring on the tweaks and changes.