1st board

could i possibly shape a decent board in my garage with no side lights? i have just one 4’ fluorescent overhead. it’s going to be my first so i’d rather just see if i can get by with that than spend cash on making a full on shaping room.

Man, It’s been done in the great wide open!!! http://www.speedneedle.com.au

Make no doubt about it, side lights help! Still, you don’t need them. Change the lighting in the room occasionally when you shape. Maybe bring in a table lamp, place it on a box, look over your board. You may be surprised what you see. If it is a nice sunny day, bring it outside and turn the blank on the side and take a peek.

Just get two “shop” lights, there like $10 ea. The Home depot or any other Hardwear store will have them. Just get them.! You’ll thank yourself later. Good luck.

thanks guy’s i’ll just get some side lights and go for it! thanks again.

Kevin is right.You can also hang the lights with a chain over the board when doing other steps like glassing and art work.As Kokua said you can see how bad you really are…chuckle. R.B.