1st Compsand and Fish

Hi all you Swaylockers! I’m looking to make my first compsand and first fish, so I got double questions that I hoped some of you may help me with. First off, I’m 36, 5’9", 150lbs and surf irregularly (nowt for a couple of months, then 10 days of madness). Surfing generally Cornwall, Pembrokeshire, Northumberland and Portugal beach breaks, and a mix of conditions up to 6’. This will be my first fish and my current steed is a 7’2" * 20" * 2 3/4" thruster (kind of a performance funboard for want of a better description).  I was thinking something along the lines of 6’6" as its my first. 20" @ 2 inch forward and 2.8" to 3" thick. I’m thinking fish style low rocker and quad placement. Am I a million miles off?

Now for the compsand bit and I’d be stoked if I got a comment off the likes of Huie, Paul Cannon, Wouter, Speedneedle etc etc cause I’ve been following what you guys say and what you guys say makes sense! I’m thinking 1pcf EPS, 3mm balsa deck with 6oz on top, 2 oz under and bamboo veneer (0.6mm) on bottom skin with 2oz between bamboo and EPS and 4oz as bottom skin. I’m undecided on the rails, maybe balsa and PVC. Miles off? Any guidance awesomely received!

Thanks for giving this a read! 


5’9" x 19 1/4" x 2 3/8 modern thruster fish.  6’6" x 20" x 3" would be great for a 100kg+++ surfer.



hi mart. i am in cornwall and have made loads of compsand type boards,  if you need any help,guidance or advice give me a pm and i will give you my email ad , pete

BB30 and Pete, many tanks for the help! Yep, I def had it too big, 5’9" to 6’ more like it.  

BB30, is that a cork deck? Looks v nice!


Cheers guys!


 It is a fully skinned cork board with 4 oz/2mm cork/4oz top vacuumed bagged board.

Take Pete up on his offer. Why learn the hard way?

BB30, totally! I’ve taken Pete up on his offer and he’s been amazingly helpful!  Is it a 1pcf EPS core?  Respect all!