1st shaped surfboard in the heart of Tx

I have admired this site and all the info I have gotten as an outsider (well I still am) I wanted to share and get some thoughts both good and bad on what you think about my fall surf project I did in Dallas tx -I know weird

looks good to me, nice job

Looks great!

I know your pain, I lived in San Antonio for 8 years. I got burned out driving down to Fish Pass and BHP.  Still had some good times though.

Thanks guys Its good to hear and good to hear your from San Antonio BHP does have some fun memories for me as well! take care man!



Looks good!  I think the checkerboard pattern got off a little in the center, 'tho, LOL.  

Would look good even in the heart of OC.

(McDing), Thanks man I appretiate that!


Board looks fun… Did you toe the fins in at all? They look parallel to the stringer?

Pictures are deceiving, but I can see the toe.


That looks great, and not just as a first board, well done mate!