1st time shaper question about blanks and contour


After spending the last year or two lurking around and reading tutorials.  I have finally decided to shape my first board.  My only question is do some blanks or certain brands come with bottom contour?  I have a friend who just shaped his third board and he said the blanks come nearly complete with bottom contours and rocker and its a matter or fine tuning the foil, outline, deck, and rails. 

Just curious because I can buy blocks of foam for 1/3 the price of a blank.   I feel pretty comfortable making my own simple blank from a foam block.  but more than saving money I would like to simplify my first build and bottom controus still seem like black magic to me. 

Thank you for any help, 

and if this has been covered before please shoot me a link.  I did a bunch of searches but didn’t find what I was looking for. 

A machine shaped blank will come almost complete… BUT what’s the fun in that? You may look pretty cool in the parking lot telling everyone you shaped it, but did you? Haha 

A standard blank will have rocker and be semi foiled. The rest is us to you.

First board, go with a flat bottom. It will still rip. Flat bottoms -> underused and underrated.


Thanks for the reply, 

I actually have access to an industrial machine at work that could shape an entire blank for me if I make a cad drawing , but thats not what I want.  I want to shape in a shed in my backyard after a I put the kids to bed and im too amped from half a dozen cups of coffe to watch a little mork and mindy and maybe kick back with a cool coors16 ouncer or go to sleep. 

Thinking I am going to just go ahead and make my own blanks since I get the materials so cheap.  

Are there any shapes that work particularly well with flat bottoms?  At first I was hoping to build something similar to a …lost board I dumpster dived and resurrected that I love and ride almost exclusively.