1x4oz strong enough for small trailing fin on twinny??

I got some new inserts for my twinny ( thanks Robin, much appreciated!! ), and now instead of tracking, its loosened right up. So much so i may need a small trailing fin for decent surf. It would be no bigger than 2’’ base x 3’’ high. Im thinking of just a single fcs plug, but the bottom is only a single 4oz layer. Im guessing being on the stringer, and being a smal fin, it should be ok, but i just wanna check. Thoughts??




I assume you mean a little rope and single 4oz, should be enough for that trailer size. If you go without rope, use 2 x 4oz and have fun trying to keep bubbles out of the 90 degree corner.

Hey mike thanks for the reply. I don't want to glass the fin on. Im thinking of installing a single fcs plug, and using a small one tab trailing fin in it. Im worried that only being a single 4oz bottom, it might not be strong enough. Im worried it might pull out???


P.S Im terrible at glassing fins on!!!

Duh, sorry. I thought you wanted to g/o BECAUSE it's only single 4. I think a single plug will hold there, but adding a little oval patch over would ensure.

Thanks mike!