2 + 1 fin placement ....where ?!!

im currently shaping a 7ft magic carpet 22" wide 2 3/4 thick and i want a 2+1 setup

where firstly do postion the single fin box 10.5" ? and where do the side fins sit in relation /… is there any hard and fast rules?

the longer box is to give me some scope when riding it as a single.

look forward to some input … cheers

Hey Oliver,

The hard and fast rule is that it depends on the rider, waves, and rocker and volume distribution.

Sorry to obfuscate, so try this: start at 13" up from the tail for the rail fins. This is kind of a middle-of-the-road placement for a 2+1 midlength. If the board has a widepoint/thickness very forward of center, or the rider is a front-footer you can move these up forward a bit–same if the board has a narrow tail. You can move the positions aft if you want to ride the board as a thruster or if the board has a wide tail.

4.5" off the tail for the box, a bit further back (if you can squeeze it!) for thruster positioning.

Fin positioning influences, to a degree, where the sweet/turning spot is on the board. Think about what you want this board o look like when being turned–off the tail or from the middle.

Hope this helps,