2 part question

  1. Can i use pray paint on the blank and lam over it? If so what kind? 2. I heard that it is best to glass your shaped blank immediatly after your done shaping it for structural reasons, is that true?

spray paint is a no-no, water based acrylics are your primary choices.Its not entirely true about glassing immediately, if you take your board to any busy glasshouse it will sit 2 weeks before it gets touched anyways. http://www.surfboardglassing.com

Michael’s has spray paint called Design Master which are real nice. A bit pricy ($5 a can). They are artist grade and go well under resin. Urethane blanks can twist in time if not laminated, especially in summer.

Despite all glassers saying “Do not use regular spray paint” , I have used it on blanks and had no problems. I would not recomend it for production but for a few punk sprays, it works good enough, just spray it light. Also, you could just spray it on the sanded hotcoat and spray some clear over it. Dont use it if you are trying to get a professional nice looking spray job - its no good for that unless you are a graffiti artist.

I’ve gotten quite good results. There are limitations though. Good for quick, easy, uncomplicated graphics. Also good for spraying on solid base color. Use the good stuff though.

thanks guys I am gonna go to Michels and look for a nice bright lime green. I am gonna do one solid color maybe some pinlines if I have the time.

Just marked up a board with a bunch of different paints , to see how each reacts with foam and resin. So far, I’ve applied Krylon spraypaint, sharpie, gloss pens, and watercolor pens. I hope to write up a conclusion after glassing, maybe by Thursday.