2 Shaping Rooms for Rent in Huntington Beach,CA /DIY Glassing Room



New Glass Shop in Huntington Beach,CA has two open shaping rooms.

Looking for 1 in House Shaper for private room.  $250.00 per month or free with 10 boards and over glassed per month.

{this room is only currently framed out and can be customized to your specifications}

Blank Deliveries every Monday

24 hour access and locked room.


2nd room is a public room available by reservation complete tool setup and basic templates included.

The Room is available for free if we glass the board or 25.00 if we dont.

We can have your blank waiting for you.



We will also be offering a DIY glassing session Every other weekend.

You will be able to purchase all materials and access a set of shop tools to glass your own board in a controlled environment with the RIGHT tools.

UV, EPOXY, and TInts available

Use of installation jig sets for ALL fin systems.

Basically we will have a price list for all materials and you will pay for what you use.






Pickup and delivery service available.


All Materials available for pick up as well. Blanks, glassing supplies, fins and more.



PM here or email

PipelineGlassing@gmail.com for more info.








Shaping Room Pricing


25.00 per session

Shaping available 7 days a week

By Appointment

Shaping hours are available from 12pm-9pm

Each appointment is scheduled in a 4 hour block. Please allow 15 minutes to clean the space after use as well.

Basic tools supplied

Planer, Surform, hand planes, foam blocks, spokeshave, basic templates.



Sandpaper 1.00 a sheet

Sanding screens 2.00 a sheet





DIY Glassing Pricing and Policies.


25.00 per board Plus materials {see Below}



Saturday 10-5

Sunday 12-5


Sanded finish boards can be finished in 1 day if you are efficient. If you need a bit of help you are welcome to come back the following day. Please plan accordingly as we cannot store boards during the week.


Glassing access allows you access to the following:


Laminating Room {squeegees ,razor blades and all basic glassing tools included}

Hot Coat Room

Fin room {use of Futures, Pro-Box, Fcs both regular and fusion, Lokbox, Red-x and Longboard center fin jigs included.}


Use of Disposable gloves and a respirator are required and included.

Shop respirator use included and is sanitized by hospital grade products between uses.

You may purchase your own for 20.00 and keep it after use.


You must buy/provide the following:

Roll of tape, grit disk for lap grinder, chip brush for hot coat etc


Material Prices

Reg Poly Resin 27.00 gl

UV Poly Resin 29.00 gl

4 oz cloth E  2.75

6 oz cloth E 3.75

Leash plug 1.25

10” fin box 7.50


Tint 5.00 1 time per board, use as much color as you need to achieve desired results.

Fin Systems prices vary, tri fin sets start at 37.00 and up






10.00 per board

Sand paper .50 each

*please note there is a 40.00 deposit to use Grinders with power pads.

You will be charged for cut cables or damaged sanding pads.



With the rent and materials you are basically looking at 100.00 for a shortboard/fish and up to have full access to the correct tools in a proper working environment with proper safety equipment.


A waiver of Liability must be signed for each participant.

Participants between 16-18 must have a parent sign

No one under 16 permitted.

an address or phone # would be ideal for future reference.