2013 Triple Crown, Sunny Garcia can carve

Was watching the Haleiwa Reef Hawaiian Pro Yesterday and was glad to see some good old power carving, good to watch for a change from the tail sliding aerial new school thing. Sunny Garcia’s still rips it solid http://www.surfline.com/surf-news/reef-hawaiian-pro-day-one_104149/ Check out the clip in slide 8 if you have not seen it. Also good to watch old time heroes (Michael Ho and Kaipo Jaquias) I used to see surf on ESPN “Hot Tuesday Nights” back then when I was a kid. Looking forward to seeing the next Legends heats.

I always thought Sunny was pure Hawaiian and seriuosly under-rated. Probably because he wore his heart on his sleeve, spoke his mind, and didn’t put up with bullshit from anyone. Or maybe its because he was infamously caught on tape beating up some maggot (who probably deserved it).

At least power surfing emphasizes STYLE - as much as the new school shenaigans are impressive, there are few guys you can tell from the next one, all riding the same board and doing the same moves looking the same.