2nd hotcoat

I just put the second hot coat on. It came out so good I was thinking of not doing anything to it. But, there are some brush lines visable. I was going to start with 220 and go to 600 grit, should I go further? To polish what do you use? I have read in previous threads about car polish and floor polish is this what I should use after sanding? Thnaks; Frank

The 3m car polish available at auto body shops is the best i think once you get higher up wetsand it as well. eric spencer team manager www.paradoxdistribution.com www.ovellesurf.com www.hardinsurf.com http://paradoxdistribution.com

i use 320, 400, 600, power sanded with a soft pad. then i do rubbing compound, then polish. i want to go to 1000 grit on my next polished board. i haven’t been happy with the final look when i’m done. would it be best to wetsand with 1000, then heavy duty compound. next fine grit compound, then polish?? i want the shine to blind someone…any ideas??

When I am doing a polished finish, I go 400,600,1200,1500 wet & dry then polish with a lambs wool pad. About 1 1/2 hours work but its worth it.

Howzit Teddy, one trick I use for getting beautiful glossed finishes is to rev up the rpms of the grinder during the final passes with each grit. Since the paper is somewhat worn by this time it acts like a polishing agent. I’m a 320,400,600 grit guy and see no reason to go to any finer grit. Aloha, Kokua

do your start off each grit very slow on the sander? i remember reading that it’s good to almost stall the pad…anyone hear this??

Howzit Teddy, My makita’s speed ranges from 1550 rpms to about 2800 rpms.I start at the low speed and finish at the high speed. Aloha, Kokua