3-D Carbon fibre / fibreglass and PLA printer.

5K and away you go.




and Kevlar soon to come.

I can’t find information about the resin they are using.


My guess is that there is no resin, just the thermoplastic PLA filament used for the bulk of the 3d printing.

So that means that PLA is the matrix material of the composite.


That means that this printer still isn’t producing the same quality as the traditional layup.

I conclude that this is a step in the right direction, but not worth the investment.

Scroll down to the Anatomy of… section on this page:



This nylon is not the matrix material. This is just an example of using materials together.

The printer is able to print “full carbon” products. But carbon doesn’t stick to itself, so there has to be a matrix material, otherwise it is not a composite but just a fibre.

It looks like they offer both Nylon and PLA as printable plastic materials, and the Nylon is the compatible matrix for combinations with fiberglass and carbon fiber.

I wonder if the carbon and fiberglass materials are pre-coated with Nylon or another thermoplastic to facilitate their CFF process.