3 Falsas

3 paint jobs I recently did for a TV show movie set.



That is some amazing talent man. Incredible.

Nice man, nice...

Hope its not a cheezy hollywood take on surfing...oooh a Big Wednesday re-make?




Great job! What about a “how-to” thread with photos? I’m sure a lot of us would appreciate…


Not that bad… Have you seen last years “Surfer Dude”? Barf!!

They’re props for a set re-creation of a hotel lobby in the “90210” TV series here in the US.

They had to be scaled down to 8 ft. in length to fit the the movie set.


Next time I get an order for one, I’ll post some pics when painting it.

The tail blocks, the bass wood center stringer (which was painted to look like redwood on 2 of them), and the glassed on fins are the only real wood in them.


Great work! Besides the obvious, the rail "stringers" are a true touch of mastery. I've never had a harder time with a sprayjob than when a customer wanted pinlines parallel to the stringer on both sides of the board.  I just couldn't get there, did the lines on the deck side only.

wow. nicely done. I have project coming up and would love some tips. thx

Airbrushing 101 has how to do Falsas.

My props too, I'm not sure ''pro'' airbrusher does you justice. When you and Josh are talking on here I'm not sure the general public knows who they're dealing with. Interwebby thing is pretty damn cool....

Simply put, ''works of art.''   Quite well done.

Thanks folks.

Hey Bill,

This Diff is one of the first attempts at a Falsa I did back in 1984 at the Channin Factory.


Rare talent…you are THE man.

I did some falsawoods with what I called “animated” colors and grains. I had a personal shortboard I did this on and was pulling it out of the car at upper parking lot Rincon one day. Some guy and his girl friend were walking by and the guy said "whoa! That’s beautiful! What kind of wood is that.

I said “this is called Black Ironwood, it’s part of the African Falsawood family”.

It went right by him.


I gave you 2 props: Inspiring & Inventive…well deserved.