3-fin vs single: Turning relative to bank angle

Relative to round tail egg at 7’-6": I hear that three fin arrangements turn more quickly but for that to happen, don’t you have to be turning pretty darn sharp and have the board banked enough to start exposing the outside fin to air, or not much water. Stated a little closer to home: Would a novice benefit from a 3 fin system as it relates to turning? Or would most novices just not bank the board enough to make that system respond as intended? I’m trying to figure out how to have a board set up (single, 2+1 or tri) for the usual sort of beach break we get in Florida and a novice rider. I want it to turn responsively but NOT in the context of shreding and going vertical. I don’t like the idea of losing the projection of a single though, and I wonder if at my level the rocker is doing much more of the turning and multiple fins aren’t really beneficial there. I’d be interested in your feedback.



Do you (or they) keep the back foot over the fins? On a 7’6" egg under a novice, the tendency would be to shuffle forward for more trim speed, because you’re not pumping for speed off the tri-fins’ rail fins like you’re supposed to. But in that scenario, a tri-fin sucks, because your rail fins give you the toe-in drag blues.

Maybe someone else will chime in, but for a novice, I’d suggest a nugget type thing in 2+1, ridden as a single until it gets bigger. More plane in the tail for wave count, no rail fin drag, easier to duck-dive, learn to stay back, ride the fin(s). I wish someone I knew had had one.

hope that helps

anyone else?