3 minute film trailer for Cross The Atlantic for those still following

A couple of years ago, surfers Bob and Ralph Brown, took a flats boat to Bermuda.  Then two years later, they took the same boat with a surfboard from Tampa to Germany (8,312 miles) via North America to Greenland, Iceland, down to England then to Germany.  They were unescorted and used the surfboard to get shots of the boat and also played around an iceberg with it.


Producer Michael DiCarlo is trying to turn the 20 hours of video into a film documentary.  The link below will take you to the 3 minute film trailer on Kickstart.


Link:     http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1147609389/cross-the-atlantic-a-documentary-feature-film


Please let me know what you think.  Bob

The above reference website wants to give you a poster or other junk for giving them alot of money to complete the film they own and that you will have no share in.

Isnt this from the same guy that was on here that said he had the worlds most famous surfboard because of his trip.


Anyhow their fundraising for a film is nothing but  using people.

Looks like a rathole.


I’m having a little trouble trying to decide between sending them $1,000 or $10,000.

Pledge $1,000 or more

One hour of Skype time with me (or in person if local) to ask any questions about the film youd like. A sneak peak at the film before its released, Credit in the film, DVD, Teeshirt, 5 (8x10) photos, and all above.
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Pledge $10,000 or more
LIMITED REWARD     1 of 1 remaining

(Continental US) I will fly YOU HERE, to Florida! YOU will meet Ralph and Bob, they will take you out on the very boat they used, and you will have photos taken of YOU on the boat with them, which will be used in the CREDITS! Youll go out to dinner with them and myself, and be able to pick our brains about everything! We will have a personal screening for you and plan the day that you will never forget in Florida! PLUS the DVD, Teeshirt, photographs, credit, and above all, a SINCERE THANK YOU for being a huge part in funding this project. If theres any other goodies I can throw in I sure will!
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Maybe if eveyone pledges $50,000 to me, I will let you decide which pledge level I should pick.  By the way Alan Weisbecker wants you to send him money as well so he can finish his movie.

Notombstone is Bob Brown, yes, I did post the youtube video using a title that I thought might get alot of responce, in hopes of locating a producer to help with the making of the documentary or at the time maybe a mini-series.  If you go to the posting, you will see that I was not serious about the world's most famous surfboard.  I think the Duke's board is and alot of others, before the I am Second surfboard (which I almost broke in half today surfing in the shore pound, I cracked the deck 20 inches across all the way down to the foam, and maybe the foam too).


Back to the topic on hand, yes, we are trying to make a low budget film and people without money have to ask for help to accomplish their goals.  I believe it is a worth while project, judging by all the shows on T.V. that cost millions to produce.  You might say, just pay for the movie myself, responce:  My house burnt down and I have been working on it steady and with all my mounting bills, it is not possible.  We are asking for help and I believe the amount of money ($15,000) we are trying to raise is exceptionally thrifty. 


Thanks for any help, every little bit helps.  Bob Brown. 



Hey Otis,


My brother posted that link.  It is just an opportunity that is all it is.  Someone might get excitted about it, others might not.


If you wish to look at it as an investment give me a call.  You can find my phone number at www.dreamboats.net


When we were at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center near Frankfurt Germany the Wounded Heroes all seemed to love the voyage.


They loved it that a few people were trying to remember the eight men that gave their lives on April 24, 1980.  You may not have taken the time to read the article below the film.


Again, if you really want to get involved and profit give me a call as there is a side venture, where you can make some money, if you are for real.  I hope you are.


Then again, you could be just a big mouth, only you really know.

Just an opportunity.

My mouth always goes big when I see shameless mooches in action.

Serious money for cheap posters, trinkets, fake titles and other paraphanalia for your vanity film

which is uncompleted unedited, has no marketing budget and you want people to finance it with no recompense

for any monetary gain. You really do want something for nothing in other words a mooch.

Then presumably after the sheep finance this step, then your looking for people to finance the marketing

and those people you will give a percentage?



This thread is dead.

Like I said, if you have an interest in making an investment give me a call.  I did not post the video on Kick Start.  Kick Start is a web site for producers who are trying to kick start their productions.  Michael DiCarlo is the producer who is trying to Kick Start the Production.  I have always been looking for those with an investment interest.  Although I have raised more than $20Million for other projects during my life time. It is difficult to raise money for your own project.

I was happy when Michael DiCarlo took the bull by the horns.  So I have been telling as many people about his web site as possible.  However, if you have an interest in investing in this or similar projects please call me.  Look up my phone number on the contact page at www.DreamBoats.net

Thankyou, finally you did not insult my very reasonable opinion and carry on this tit for tat exchange

which is very internet accesible to all.

Never meant to insult anyone, I apologize for sounding like it and yes, i did sound that way.  Please forgive me.

  It is simply an opportunity.  30 years ago I was told I was going to Iran to take back the American Embassy from terrorists.  I never went.  That day eight heroes lost their lives.

I made a promise that they will not be forgotten.  That is part of my goals for this film to help to heal a lot of people who lost their heroes.

there is also an investment opportunity.  I can be reached at the contact page at www.dreamboats.net