3 stringer sneaker

Got my Christmas boards done early. Repairs slowed down a little but Mama let me know “no new boards till next year". I’ve mentioned before my girl can smell fresh foam.

Picked up my newest “Huck” inspired blank today and snuck it into my shop.  I couldn’t help myself, just had to play with it.

Ordered a 3 stringer US blanks 6-5 A orange w/ +1/4” nose and tail. (Had a short discussion with plus one on the “Hot seat”) so I have some room to move. photo’s 3&4

Laid this puppy out @ 6-3 12.5 x19.25x15, used an old Phil Edwards template for last 12" of tail to round pin (not very detailed) and yeah I generally skin and tune my rocker before cutting the outline, just that on “beta” of one offs it is best to study your shape. And besides if Mama heard planer sounds I would have a problem.

I want to make a board for “Boy” for larger waves, see 1st go photo #1 Board worked VERY well, ha, sans rocker

Believe it or not this olphart rode his fair share of large waves. And based on my own experience it comes down to balance, speed and skill.

You may ask why 3 stringers?

Cuz “Huck” digs 'em! Really now, in my sorry ass opinion, three stringers are stiffer don’t flex along the outer edge the same as a center stringered board.  Speed, energy and water conditions considered the consistency of flex and weight distribution helps with balance.

Speed, Single concave.

Skill, you bet! N Groomed “Boy” @ 4 Photo 20 years ago he was 13… photo  #2.

Hope you can critic and chime in (in a constructive way). Plenty of time to change up as Mama’s circling.