30 boards and lots of testing

I was recently able to hang out a bit ( and surf with ) with the crew while doing the ASL board test, it was a really great chance to examine approximately 30 boards of varying designs from alot of different shapers. I was also to see how pro level surfers rode these boards in my local surf spots. I got to chat with some of them about their thoughts on these boards and was very useful for myself as a shaper. My kids also got to meet a few of them and they were stoked, not often you have surfers like Nick Carroll, Tyler Wright, Asher Pacey, Clint Kimmins and Ryan Hipgood to discuss surfboards and design with...I also was able to chat with NC about making him another board, its been his 3rd and always just tweaking and fine tuning things from his previous one, his feedback has been great...





That's cool Pridmore. So, what'd you learn?

Also, I don't think I've said this but your shapes are really nice. I like short, wide boards with "appropriate" rockers too. Flat rockers don't do much for me. Peace, Crawford

learnt about some fin combos and templates, some new stuff on the market ...also chatted about new materials and construction methods and how the surfers thought they felt when surfed...also got to see what high profile shapers are putting out there, also the trends of wider and shorter stuff was good to look at and feel the shapes...saw the quality and shapes up close, some were great, stand outs for me were an RM and a JR.....thanks for comments bout my boards....






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yeah, the use of materials on the JR seemed cleave and the board felt sweet under my arm, Nick liked this one also, was interesting to see what boards guys liked before they had ridden them and then see what they liked after they had ridden them, usually the same boards but was a few surprised from what I could tell...The RM was a wide-ish shoreter board bu felt really nice, boxy rails without too much volume where it shouldnt be, reminded me of boards I used to ride shaped by John Mills...I did suss out the quads and their placemnets but I have tried quite alot and am not changing mine for now, they are going just how I want em to, but still good to see what others are doin, gives me inspiration to keep doing new and fresh stuff, its a matter of coin for me coz I am just a little guy doin a few a week and no big budget, doin it coz I love it, just wanna thank NC for inviting me to hang out at the board test too.....glad you like the sleds on my site, looking forward to catching up Aussie Day, the weather could stuff us but still get togather and chat if it is shite...can discuss fins with ya too, but you've prob got it all sorted, I'll have my fin bag full of goodies with me if ya wanna try a diff set-up mate....



**my information is daves   DYNOCORE  in INEGGRA     **went very well’’


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That thing looks crazy, good job Dave

Hey huie,


Thanks for the polite pm ( insert sarcasm here )

I was referring to huie ( aka the surf ’ god’ ) coming up with some swell on MP’s board test day , geezus… how the bloody hell was i to know sways had a bloke named huie on here

chill out man, i won’t " c’mon huie " anymore …


Hey Yorky , good to see your back on the net … ( i came down for a chat before xmas…) i’ve done 2 boards since then ,bring them down for a laugh one day soon…



I have a an older  5’9 quad ( swallow ) of daves that has a hell of a lot going on once you put a straight edge rail to rail, something like vee into flat into  single into double into vee than a "hook ’ in the last 1/4 inch ,

too much design theory for me to interpret being a newbie, but the thing flys and turns on a dime… Dynacore was some eye candy in the mag for sure


seems like people wanna mention Feral Daves dynacore board here but to be honest I didnt get to chat with anyone who rode it, but thing look the goods and felt sweet...., definitely interesting tech and construction, would like to have ridden it...

Maybe nick didn’t tell you how it went for him… I should bring 15-20 demo dynocores up to your demo day for you and your mates to try out!