3D Scans for fins? Asking for Halcyon

 Hello Swaylocks! Any of you know of a good contact for hi res 3D scans? Mr. Rich Sanders has been helping me with my own fin design efforts, he’s also been asking if I can help him get his fin creations scanned. He’s actually working on a couple sets right now.

 I’ve been working on my own fins project in recent years, and now we’re collaborating. In my case, I’m using CAD to take airfoils and 3D print high volume (high lift) fin shapes. My friends love them, they notice a lot more drive and turning ability in normal surf - more top turns, easier to launch airs, more hold and control in critical sections. I tried them last summer at Uluwatu and GLand, they worked fine but their top speed was lacking in those waves.


my site (still working on final improvements):