3d surfboard surface files, contract work, pricing...

i’ve recently been approached by a new surfboard company regarding my 3d surfboard CAD design capabilities and what my rates are. I’ve been designing and milling boards for close to 10 years now and have never given any thought to actually selling my files to anyone. their dream is to sit with me and draw up a few different models that would then be machined, finished and glassed with their logo.

i thought i’d bounce this off you guys and hopefully get some feedback, ideas, etc.

what would you expect to pay for a ready-to-cut 3d “custom” board file? and how much could i expect to charge for the time required to draw one up? would it be out-of-the-question to expect some type of royalty for each board that then gets machined?


How about collecting royalties off each board made plus an hourly rate for your time?

GET A PIECE OF EACH BOARD. You are the rainmaker here. If the design performs, and sells well, you should be able to go along for the ride.

Stand firm in your negotiation, and give every appearance of being willing to walk away from the table. Don’t forget,THEY came to you! You have what they want, which means that you have the power in the negotiation. Good luck.

$50-$60 per hour if contract work.