3M Rubbing Compounds??

Using sureluster and McGuire’s but I really need a super high gloss. How about any 3M products:


Wanna get that surfboard “showroom shine”

30 years ago, we used finishing/polish after rubbing, then elbow grease…

How about:


3M Finesse-It II removes 1500 sand scratches and swirl marks. Or maybe the 3M Imperial Microfinishing Glaze? Removes swirls marks left from compounding with 3M Imperial Microfinishing compounds.

Just ordered some. Will try i tout.

I think the buffing operator and the sanding techniques are the key. Wool pad or foam pad is a great debate. We would buff cars first with wool and then go over it again with foam to take out the swirls.

What good is a product that will get out 1500 grit scratches if 80 grit scratches are still there?

How good is good ? (Wall hanger)

I like 3m products but I don’t go past medium compound. Too much work for a surfboard …

But if it is a 1956 Lincoln that’s another story!

Have fun ,share the stoke


I whith stingray on this one, depends on how good you want the finish and how much work your prepared to put in.

Try using marine liquid wax and polish as final stage, as this will fill in fine shratches.

…technique is really important…anyway, 3M imperial glaze is fantastic…