3M Yellow Auto Refinishing tape

Any one try this tape yet?  I think it is pretty recent on the market.  Bought a role at an auto body supply store the other day.  Less exspensive than the 253+.  Supposedly very good.  No adhesion transfer and no bleed..  Bought 11/2" for  $4.00.  Looks good.  Good back and adhesive feels sticky. 

   Howzit McDing, You got 11 rolls of 2" for $4 that's an insane price. Aloha,Kokua


I think he meant a roll of inch-and-a-half ?

Or, am I being obtuse?

Should of put a space between the two ones.  1 1/2"  aka one inch and a half at four dollars  per roll.  Point is;   You ever use it?  At retail that's about four dollars a roll cheaper than the industry standard. 

M’Ding, I haven’t used the yellow yet but the auto body tape has always been superior and more expensive. How long are the rolls? And do the come in 1/4" to 1/2" widths? Do you have to go to an auto body supply?

ps. Ever watched an auto body guy lay down tape for pinstriping? Some guys are real artists with their materials, I guess that’s what it’s all about. Separates the worker from the artisan.

From what I was told it comes in all standard widths and same length as 3m 233+.  Got the number wrong in my initial post, meant to compare it to 233+ NOT 253+.. 

Looked up the data sheets on the Yellow tape at the 3M site. The tape appear to be really similar to the 233+. Doesn’t seem to come any narrower than 3/4" though.

I never had heard of it until this post. That’s what I like about Sways - aways finding something new.


I always groan a bit when I buy new tape…even when you bargain shop the 233 is so damn expensive.

does anyone have an auto supply joint in SoBay LA that they are willing to share?


    Howzit atomized,  Stringer tape is 233 tan and in 1/8" and 1/4"  and I think that if 233+ was narrower it would not be very strong due to it's thinness. I used 1/4" 233 for curves but when it comes to flames andtight curves 1/8" is the one.

   afoaf, Try buying it by the skein, usually is the cheapest price, I think it cost me around $3-$4 a roll that way but that is 1"


Same here. Since the introduction of 233+, 3M has been on a mission to phase out 233 and replace it with 233+. Recently our supplier has notified me that 3M is no longer offering 1/2" in 233. Another thing that 3M is now doing is cutting the tape in metric widths instead of inches. Because of this, the tape is now slightly narrower than it used to be. For example: 48mm = 1.89", not exactly 2". 

Here’s a 3M video on the wonders of 233+ and why it’s so damn expensive:


Also, here’s the 3M data sheet on 233.

Thanks for the data and video.  I was suprised at finding this tape.  I used to go in auto body supply stores more often than I do now.  I was always amazed at what I would see or find out about by picking the brain of someone behind the counter who knew what they were talking about.  I think this "Yellow" tape is an attempt to get users to stay with 3M.  Alot of auto body guys have switched to American Tape or Shurtape because it cost less than 233 or 233+ and is still made in crepe.   In a recent thread on tape; I made the statement that I thought 3M intended to Phase out 233 crepe.  It is beginning to look as though I was right.  Do a search on Ebay for 3M 233 masking tape.  Almost every source or listing will come up 233+ green.  I would be suprised if out of two or three hundred listings  one listing was for 233 crepe. 

    Howzit McDing, I have used the American tape for taping off paint work but that wasn't good with resin. Ted rom Fiberglass Hi turned me on to a brand that also worked with resin and I can't remember the name but I think I saw an old roll around today and will look for it tomorrw. The one problem with the tape was it didn't come any wider than 3/4" And I like 1" for most apps. Ted likes to try different kinds of tape and always loking for good stuff at a good price. Aloha,Kokua


    Atomized, Are they still making 233 in 1" or the metric equalivilent. Aloha,Kokua

As far as what I’ve seen in the past couple of years, everything from 3M comes in metric widths, unless you special order it cut a certain width. Luckily 24mm is fairly close to 1" (.945" to be exact).

     Howzit atomized, Yeras ago I heard they had a factory in Canada and maybe that is why the metric sizes. Aloha,Kokua