4 new boards. Thanks Swaylocks.

best post ever!!!


Sorry about that for some reason nothin came out.

Any way thanks everyone for all the tips and here they are, my

first boards for 20 years and I’m pleased.

well done …they look fun !!

I’d be keen to hear the dimensions of the starry decked diamond tail , and how it rides, especially.

How long did it take you to shape and paint and glass those four ?


a homemade quiver …great stuff Gazro !

It took 3 weeks start to finish in my spare time, the starry deck stubbie single is my brothers 6’9" 23 1/2 wide 18 1/4 nose 17 3/4 tail.

He is 225lbs and 6’4" tall and was fed up longboarding so came up with this, it is flat bottom with slight roll to the rails and vee in the

last 24". Its more or less a 6’9"a clark with the minimum taken off it.

The 2 fish are 6’ 5" 18 nose 23 1/2 mid 17 3/4 tail flat to vee with upvc keels - second one is 6’1" 17 3/4 nose 22 mid 17 tail flat to vee

with the same keels.

The thruster is 6’ 5" 13 nose 20 mid 15 tail flat to slight vee.

Shaping was 2 hours for thruster, 4 hours each fish and 2 hours stubbie.

Rice paper lams no problem through HP 695c very impressed with these.

All have 50/50 rails and sprayed with acrylic paints. Glassed with 2 x 6oz decks 1 x 6oz bottoms the fish have extra over the tails.

As for riding I will post again. Sea trials any time now.

Great boards, Gazro. Specially the fishes. I’m gonna have to plagiarize the shark’s mouth, though. Sorry. Mike

Hi Mike

Thanks for praise and the confidence people like you gave me to have a go again.

I was so nervous about glassing again but all went well. Thanks for all the ideas.

As for the shark teeth I wish I had gone with out them but I think they will get a laugh or two,

the plain fish looks better in my opinion.

I’m nervous about glassing every board ! Well done Gazro these are beautiful !


I love that stubbie diamond tail they all look SWEET!!!

thanks for giving the dimensions too …

I thought they were all around 5’11 x 20 …

who would have known eh unless you’d said ?

that’s a big brother you got there …I guess that’s why they are all such big boards eh …in case your brother decides to “commandeer” them … (or , is he in fact your “little” brother …and YOU are 7’4" tall, perhaps ?)


Thanks Chipfish,

The boards all look small to us but were so big, should go like small boards for us!

I,m 220 lbs so no thruster riding for me (it would just sink), mines the big fish.

Today I wet n dried and polished the 6’1" so thats ready to go in now, thats for my

mate Chris he’s smaller and may be out on it tomorrow.

Hi Chano

           I made the templates all up from aps3000 and transfered the dimension onto hard board for use. 

The thruster is a replica of the type of board I used to ride with the exception of the safer nose shape,

this is my daughters board.

With the giant stubbie I tried to put a mellow hull design into it to compensate for the width, with a heavy

rider hopefully it will work. 20 years ago I was experimenting with wide tail single with some success

and some failures. I have owned a 2 McCoys both very short and again 20 years ago.