4 oz E glass vs 6 oz twill

I have been using 6 oz twill for a bit. The guy I get my epoxy from had a roll (100m) of it, so I bought it.
Well I ran out and ordered some porcher 4 oz e-glass from the UK, the price with custom tax and shipping about the same as the twill.
I have been really curious about the difference. I got kinda used to working with the twill, it wraps real easy around curves etc.
So today I got my 4 oz and Im super pleased with how much more sturdy it is, easier to cut and hardly any loose strands.
But I found it way harder to wrap around nose and tail. I had to make relief cuts. With the twill hardly ever.
Hopefully Ill get used to it.
I want to add that the blank Im glassing is poly. Is it just me or does it not seem that you need to push harder on the glass to make it stick?
To me it seems like eps sucks onto the glass and epoxy more than the poly. Poly being denser might be the reason.
Any thoughts? Id be stoked on any input/tips on epoxy-poly from you guys.

Let me ask…
From your statement “easier to cut and hardly any loose strands.”
Sounds like your “twill” is D sized, perhaps,
D sized is slippery stuff and tuff to cut clean.

What ever.
4oz. is the best in strenght to weight.
E as I know it is “electronic” like in circuit boards.
I’ve used it in the past.
Now, I am using Warp cloth, it is stronger nose to tail and cheaper than the next step.
Which is S cloth.
Check it out…
Wet your cloth out and work it.
finish off with even fill before the squigy sings.
4 oz. does not use the same volume of resin.
Best Poly guy

I do believe Epoxy spreads much easier especially given the fact that it can be heated in the Micro. Spreads super easy then. It’s all in what you are used too. Welcome to the club. Nobody tucks nose and tail without relief cuts. Of course nobody uses twill either. I’m pretty sure that Porcher equals BGF. Commonly used in the Surf Industry here in the Colonies. Easy cloth to work with. Lowel

when you say slippery thats just it. like it (twill I had) slips away from the blades as you cut
small time operation so Im not looking at buying more glass until this roll is gone. got 100m.
thanks Matt

it will have to be waterbath, no micro in this house. :slight_smile:
I like epoxy dont get me wrong, my feeling was that it adhered in a differentway to a poly blank.
but its the first time glassing onto poly, so maybe I got freaked out on just that - the difference
thanks Lowel

I epoxy glass poly blanks and find too that it’s stick less than over eps at laps, need more draining time before clean. I find that lam delam easily when Cut lap with dry sand Tech.

yes thats what I saw when i cut the lap. that the bond was not so tight at the cut.
I taped the lap and layed down a deck patch and think that theres a little pooling of resin where the laps meet, so
hopefully that will mean a better adhesion. we´ll see. stoked on the 4 oz though last night I got stressed. today was easier. always learning is good.