4 oz x 27" glassroll prices???

Does anyone have any secret glass dealers they’d like to share? I’m looking for a good price on 4x 27". The best one I’ve found is Fiberglass Supply @ 316.80 per 165 yd roll. Thanks,T

www.revchem.com www.nac.com north american composites these are for the west coast you can also look for ashland Im not surf of thier website and if your close to the south bay Fiberglass services in Long Beach is decent too ES team manager www.ovellesurf.com Ovelle Surfboards www.HardinSurf.com Hardin Surfboards http://paradoxdistribution.com

Ifin you gots the know how luck and big balls

The web is about as cheap as it gets. Why not look at Fiberglass Supply’s Clearance page They have 4oz x 60" for $3.05 a yard. That is $1.52 per 30 inch wide section compared to 1.92 per 27" section. http://www.viser.net/~anthwind/

try mitches in La jolla I think I pay $250 or $275

Check out surf supply in long beach they have always been helpfull, and have good prices also i think the # is 562- 437 8168. Tell them they guys from inglewood sent you. I doubt that would getcha a discount… i wish… But its at least worth checkin into . if your not super far away Good luck man… John C