4oz and 6oz e glass

can anyone give directions to where i can import small quantities of 4 and 6 oz good quality cloth mainly for personal use in small surfboard factory.i need to bypass the bigger co. as to save some monies in these trying times.thank you. at the mo. i am using hexel 4oz and airolite BGF 6oz. the airlolite is incredibly expensive here in south africa because of the middle man.Hexel dont have a 6oz standard surfboard cloth here,they bring in a 1.3m width that has to be cut in half or whatevever width needed and there ends up being wasted.been buying cloth from the east via a middle man and never seems to be the same cloth,so the laminater says.any contacts or shortcuts to get to the rite source please.?

Why don’t you contact Surfari or some other established surfboard company that has been there for decades? They’ve been there and done that, and can give you a source to contact.