4th board....red sucks

This is the fourth board I have made. I did a lot better on the laps, especially with the swallowtail, but there is still a lot to improve on. It is the first time i have worked with red resin, and that stuff just plain sucks. Next time I am going to just going to mix up one big batch and let the rest sit while i lam the bottom. It was impossible to color match after i did the bottom. The bottom came out a little pinker than i wanted, but its not horrible. This is also by far the best glass on fin job i have done. I have so much trouble keeping air bubbles out, and also keeping the area between the fins flat. I always drop tons of resin there and I spend the next couple of hours sanding it down. I still need some help from you guys with getting a mirror shine glass job. It seems so dull, especially this time with red. I hotcoat and sand to 120 then i gloss. I start at 400 on sanding the gloss coat and go up to 800 wet sanding. Then i move to a medium cutting compound, and then to a marine wax sealant. It is smooth as a babies bottom, but the reflection is just not there. Oh well, I am glad with the outcome, i hope my buddy who i made it for likes it.

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First of all, you skipped polishing compound!

Then, use 400 only on the rails, if the board is not pockmarked. Start with 6, go farther if you can find it.

Rubbing is good, followed by polishing, then wax.

Try red pigment, it covers easier than tint.

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Are you sure you have enough Surfacing Agent in your resin when you gloss?

If you do then there is no reason why it can’t get mirrored up. Maybe after wet sanding to 600, (Skip the 800) go right to a heavy cut compound, 3m, surluster. IF you have the right equipment , 7 inch sander, with appropriate buffing pad, then it should gloss up real nice. You can then hit it with a medium cut, and a fine cut, if you like.

When first compunding, use a liot of pressure on sander pushing hard down on the board, but always keep moving slowly and work in samll incrments, lik e2 or 3 foot on one side of the board at a time


I don’t think red’s so bad, just don’t expect to do cutlaps with pigment. That said, the board is well within acceptable range.

I sand the HC with 60, then a quick hand wetsand with 220, then gloss. I hand wet sand that with 400 if it comes out well (220 on the tape edges at the rail) then buff wiht Fiberglass Hawaii #2 and it’s pretty shiny. Not totally wet-slick-glass, but pretty good. If it’s a “special” board then maybe some car wax, or a spray of Gel Gloss I have left over from my brother’s former boat stuff.

My digital camera has some poor resolution and i always have to resize the image to get it to fit into the acceptable KB range. Also i was laying down, and it figures that half you guys commented on the fact that my fly was open, perverts. That said, i misspoke, i used red pigment, not tint. I just need more practice to color match a little better. My pinlines and cutlaps are getting better, but they still leave a lot more to be desired. I have been doing the buffing and polishing with a orbital polisher, and i just dont think that it is really working. I am just going to go an order a sander from harbor freight so i can do it right and it will look better. Thanks for all your help, ill show you the next board in line soon, a 8’0" longboard with a blue and green resin swirl.

how did you do at easterns, i heard yall picked up some decent surf