5' 0" Mini Disc "Wombat"

This morning it was misting rain and my girlfriend was working a brunch shift, so I decided to shape a few new templates. 

One of them is a total cheater I downloaded from Greenlight’s template page because when I saw it I said, “That’s weird” and wondered how this shape would look and ride with a single box kinda pushed a bit forward with a 9" Velzy flex…

So I printed out the template, taped it together, drew it out on some masonite and made a professional template. 

Here’s what it looks like sketched out:

5' 0" Mini Disc "Wombat"

That looks like a pretty fun shape.  I’ve always wanted to try a disc although I’m a little big for a disc shape.  What type of fin configuration are you going to put on it, single or tri?


Mine's a copy of the Walden Compact Disc.....My board is a foot and a half longer than your Wombat....Fat rails...2+1 fin set up... Goes good in small waves......Goes really good on clean small San Diego reefs...

Oh wait...I have a new long board....

What board should I ride??????