5-4 compact

The last of 3 for this season. 5-4 x 18,5 

Easter sprint to finish it and 4-10 that needs sanding 


yep, nice.  hope you will provide ride report.

all the best

Filling edge. Epoxy didn’t squeeze out and fill edge. I guess I used less epoxy this time.

This is kiteboard, so you guys may not be interested in a ride report.

Last board I glassed directly onto wood and had big problem with bubbles forming.  So this time I am sealing the wood with a coat of epoxy warmed and additive F.  

Thousands of bubbles formed, I could see air bubbling out like carbonation in slow motion.  The wood is glued down with epoxy and glass under.  it seems incredible that there is so much air and that it wants to escape when coated. 

I hit it with the hot air gun quickly 4-5 times and they kept coming. Realized I was warming it perhaps too much.  So I stopped and turned off the heat and cracked the door to cool the garage. 

The wood is 1,5 mm thick Abachi,  very dry. 

Anyone have similar experience?  

Tried spraying my 4-10 with clear 2 component PU.  No spraybooth. Garage oversprayed.  Don’t think it’s worth it. Not as smooth as I’d hoped either. I’m not a practiced sprayer…

Think I can sand it off and coat with RR with additive F?  

Bummer. No reason you can’t sand it off and finish with epoxy but won’t get the high gloss finish. Myself I like the low sheen satin look of a 400 or 600 grit wetsand finish. 

If you have a decent amount of clear coat on it, even if it’s ugly, then you should be able to sand it smooth, even polish it if you wish.  Orange peel and overspray can be made to disappear very quickly with a little sanding.

Laminated deck of the 5-4. Turned out flawless. Using RR fast with additive F. Sealed the wood first.

Sanding and funish coats. Using Resin Research fast with Additive F.

Finished up the board.  Using RR with Additive F.  The Matt finish sanded to 800 is good. The polishing on deck not so. After polishing it has like crystal structures on surface. Looks kinda like frost. I think you can see it in this close up picture. 


Nice work.  If you are talking about crystal like structures in the clear part, it could be from pulling too much resin off and have a the fibers wet but not filled cells at the time it was laminated.  Then the fill coat covered them.

all the best

I love the bottom shot.  Nice one, TW.