5 Best vacation destinations in February for surfing

     The determinants that factor in the ratings for each month are water & air temperature, wave consistency, & overall weather conditions including precipitation & winds, offshore winds receiving a big plus. Break logistics:  Are waves accessible?, Are there places to stay near the breaks?, Are the breaks crowded?, What are the hazards, rips, reefs, rocks, & water pollution?  Culture: Are there activities to do if the surf goes flat? Other Liquid activities, kayaking, windsurfing, canoing, fishing, etc…? Good hiking, site seeing, historical significant activities? Friendly inhabitants? Overall Safety! Last, but certainly of equal importance, expense, including lodging, airfare, rental cars, taxis, food & water.

Of course, the list is subjective & only a guide for those looking for ideas for a vacation in the month of February.  We won’t list actual surf spots for three reasons: 1) there are places that do a great job of listing “most” of the good breaks in the area we mention, like- wannasurf.com.  2) We hope that you are forced to interact with the people that live there, talk to them, ask them where the good breaks are, how to get there & how to blend in. 3) Take a chance, do some searching on your own, chill on the beach awhile & spot a peak for yourself or go for a long walk & just maybe you’ll find a place of your own to borrow for a session or two.  We will tweak the list as needed & hopefully righteously to include unique spots, not just the destinations that always get the best waves!


1) North Shore, Hawaii


read more: http://www.4liquidpeace.com/best-vacation-destinations.html


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I go around here - 'cuz I can’t go anywhere else… Ha!