5 Best Vacation Destinations in March for Surfing

5 Best Vacation Destinations in March for Surfing

"Where, when and why the waves are the best!"

March 2010
1) Indonesia-Mentawai Islands
2) Australia-New South Wales
3) Equador- Central Coast-Montanita
4) Chile- Central Coast/Region-Pichilemu
5) Puerto Rico-
Northwest side, Rincon, Aguadilla, Aguada

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March in PR is hit or miss. Better odds are earlier in the month, because it tapers off in consistency as the northern hemisphere starts to warm up. I’ve never been skunked in early to mid March, but I know guys who have been late in the month. A safe statement  would be February is pretty much the bomb… April is a total crap shoot. March is a transition month.

Right on, noted. I thought March was more like February and April was the transition month. Greatly appreciate you reading the article and sharing the valued feedback.