5 gallon pump dispenser

Anyone know of a good one to purchase for the 5 gallon resin drums?



Howzit drew, Since I don’t know where you are located it’s a little hard to direct you to a supplier. Fiberglass Hi sells drum tippers for 5 gal drums and if you live near a materials supplier like Bashams or Foam ez they might also sell them. You can also call F.H. and they will ship to you.Aloha,Kokua

may not be exactly what you’re looking for but fiberglass supply sells one:

Item #G24-7204

System Three Plunger Pump Kit, contains pumps for resin and hardener, fits directly into 1 gallon container and with minor modifications can be fitted to 5 gallon containers. Pumps deliver one ounce per stroke and with restrictor included in kit the hardener pump can be limited to ½ per stroke. Plunger pumps work well with System three resin, SB-112 and Clear Coat Resin.

$11.36 Each