50" wide cloth, where to buy?

Aloha Sways

Looking to buy 50" wide cloth either in 6 oz or 4 oz.

Does anybody have a good source, especially one

that will ship to New Jersey.

My previous source is under new ownership and is

proving difficult to deal with for small quantities.

All the best

Paul Boardman


just ran across this the other day thanks to another S-locker

Paul, Also try www.hastingsplastics.com.


Thanks for the source janklow. With Fiberglass Hawaii closing in Santa Cruz, I was wondering where to find wider cloth for a hollow wood SUP board I’ve got in the works. Can anyone tell me if 38" wide cloth is wide enough to glass a 28.5" wide SUP board, using the “tape lap” method noted in the link below? How much drape (e.g. wasted cloth) do I need to do a good job. I have limited experience in laminating (one wood sea kayak under my belt to date). Thanks in advance; this community is an amazing resource for a novice builder like me.


I am not sure the tape lap method described but I use 38" cloth on all my SUPs with wide points of 30". I did both tape laps and free laps. 50" is a waste of materials. Look up balsa skin SUP which is a free lap using 30" cloth.