5'5 x 19 1/4" redux ....

has anyone got / watched this dvd ?

i’d be keen to hear about / see some of the boards being ridden , and if curren appears in THIS one too…



Check out this channel if you havent already, Chipper: http://www.youtube.com/…/Blacksheep1991?ob=1


I like this thing–he breaks the rail off a couple of inches before the end of the planing surface


Nope… just the VHS… want it?

hi mate

i sent you a p.m.



Here’s another nice nugget:


thanks janx !

how much FUN are those guys having on little boards , eh ?1

i like the diamond tail one of beschen’s especially



some nice curves and bottom shapes in there , too , of course ! [“lost…” being who they are , eh ?! hahahhhhh ]

just picked this up. kept me entertained for sure

i wish i ripped on my round nose fish hahaha

It’s pretty amazing. There’s a shot of (I think) Corey Lopez surfing pipe with it, and you can hear the guys in the background saying, “HE’s going to eat $*@!! What is he thinking?” Then he airdrops on the wave, gets covered up and it looks like a gnarly wipe out, and a few seconds later he shoots out of the tube and just slashes the wave apart.

There’s a cool section with Tom Curren with a mowhawk, templating out a board.

It’s not the greatest quality though, as far as the copy. You can just have mine if you want it. We don’t even use our VCR anymore.