5'6" dimensions

Asking for suggestions for a 5’6" quad with a slight daimond tail. Widepoint will be forward of the center and tail will be about 14-15".


1’ from nose ?

center ?

1’ from tail ?


wide point ? how far from nose?


That’s a small board sizing.

14-15" tail only allows about a 16" nose, and about 18-19" width, with WP 3" up from center, making a board for a small person or great paddler.

Assuming you don’t want a 19" nose, that is.

Quads generally like WP farther back than traditional old school fishes.

Thanks for the advice. How about suggestions for a 21" wp? tail dims also. Should the tail be somewhere between 18?

Old school Lis fish I rode last year, at 5’6" and 22.5 wide, was 17" tail, one inch wider nose.

It was kinda floaty and big for my 155lbs. Was made for the Quicksilver rep who weighed around 185lbs.