6-0 quad 2#EPS and H60 rails

A month or so back I posted this image showing a Pro/E shaped board where the software was used to flatten the core.

I’ve since machined the mold, an EPS core with H60 rails, H45 fin blocks and

pre-installed Proboxes. I then vacuum laminated it in a one shot process to

produce the following board:

Deck is 12biax+4+2; bottom is 4+4+2. I filled and sanded the deck prior to paint.

I used blue tint in the bottom and it shows a nice consistent laminate thickness.

The darker perimeter is the H60 rail.

I’m a kite surfer so I use front pads to make it easier on my feet. The board is

6-0 x 19.3 x 15.0 x 12.1 x 2 and weighs 6#14oz as shown.

The mold shortly after machining:

Can’t wait to find some wind and waves.


very nice looking board. nice job. where did you score access to the mold making equipment?


I was involved with some kiteboard production and still machine parts for accessories I design. The machine

is in my shop. I’m also an old school mechanical engineer with quite a bit of CAD experience.

On second look the bottom does look a bit blotchy. Could be from whole beads that popped out while I was

machining the core and from some inconsistency in the bog coat. I need to use a different bit for EPS and

probably go with a thinner bog. The overall tint is pretty even and I only had one little dry spot over a fin box

where I should have had a little extra resin before I laid in the core. Next one I’ll do with a full opaque resin

splash so the core won’t show.

Bottom shape is flat entry to single concave into double concave with a little V out the tail.


Love that Pro/E flattening trick there Mr.Hein.

Very cool board and tech.

You must have quite the toy shop.

Im sure GreatWhiteNorth is lurkin this one.

Hopefully going to get a ride soon. Got a flight tomorrow.

Here’s some pictures of another core I have in process.

Looks so funny without rocker.

Detail of the Pro Boxes installed and filled with foam. I epoxy them in and then

machine the tops flush along with the bottom contour. The hole is for indexing

when I flip it.

And a screen shot from Pro/E

Decided it was easier to perforate the core

with the CNC. lots of points.