6 6 fish fin placement

Just shaped a 6 6x 22.5 x 3 trad fish with beak and 2 inch deep swallow- should be the ultimate mush destroyer. The tail is 16" wide 12 " up, I’m thinking of a standardish thruster set up - will it work? Does anyone have any good suggestions for fin placement for this kinda board?

…Try this,12" on the sidefins 1-1/4" off the rail.5-6 degrees of cant,and toein just outside the nose.Make the center fin at 4.5".Just convert the #s if your using metrics. …Red-X IS THE TICKET,but a standard set of even glassons will do,not mention the many options in removables these days…Herb

Thanks Herb - could I later add your superchargers to these placements, if so where do I put them?