6' Epoxy Fish w/ Inlay, My Best Board Yet.

Here are some pics of my 6’ Epoxy Fish.

6’ x 2.5" x 21", wide point is 3" forward of center.

John Cherry Wood Fins.

Thanks to all the guys and gals who have answered many of my questions over the past several weeks, especially Greg Tate the inlay master.

Only wish I had asked about pinline prep. before I glassed the board, apparently one must scuff the paint on the

pinline or the gloss coat beads off. My pinline is messed up in places but other then that and in spite of that

I am damn proud of the board.

“I am damn proud of the board.”

As you should be. Well done!

that looks so good! well done!

Very Nice!

Wow that is nice!

Is that a pretty radical outline or is it just the picture? Please tell us more about that narrow tail.

I will post more info later, I think it is not as narrow as it looks.

schweet board…love the fabric and the logo…looks like a fun board

OMG, its beautiful! Super nice work. Love the cloth.

Inlay master? I’m actually a rocket surgen. Or something like that. It’s all you NY, it’s all about you.

Get that baby in the water and post a full report. Thx.

wow that looks so good

but you have to ride it and tell us how it works