6" fin for fcs fusion box?

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows if they make a 6" or so fin that will fit in a fcs fusion box? I just finished a 5’8 egg and installed a 5 fin setup, wish I would have made the center box an 8.5", oh well. Maybe somebody here makes them? Anyway thanks in advance, Mitch

I have 6" fun

Lol… I guess I should have proof read that. Thanks for that

i doubt you will find one with a double foil, better use this forum, and DIY. chippy fins etc can def be of help to you whether you opt for his 6" of fun or not.

Yeah I kinda figured I was gonna have to go that route. Not sure I want to after reading that “the don’t build your own fins thread”. Read a few good fin build threads though. Fins is definitely the man when it comes to fins I see… Wow some amazing stuff. Anyway thanks for the advice pico. And yeah I think I’ll have to pass on that 6" of fun. 



  but it's


6"  of fun , come on ?!  [how new zealanders would say fin , anyway ...]




thanks for the compliments