60's Glass finish

Did the boards built in the 60’s have the same high gloss finish as many of the boards do today? Alot of the older boards you see have more of a dull matted finish. I understand that wear and tear over time will produce this but how were they originally produced? I would like to hear from some of you old schoolers on this one. Thanks, P.V.

My first and only custom made surfboard back in the 60s was glossed and polished. It was a thing that dreams were made from. It was a Olson ordered from the shop on 7th ave. in Santa Cruz. 10 foot long, tband stringer, wood tail block, 3 green strips running across the board about 1/3 of the way up from the tail. Polished like a $200K car.

lot’s of the 60’s board were just a smooth hot coat. They just hot coated, pulled the tape and presto done. Those guys could hot coat, looks like a lot of guys polish jobs today except no scratches. -Jay

We used to sand the hotcoat to 100 grit and then gloss with Reichold Gloss Resin.The tape bead was filed off and the rails wet sanded by hand.Machine polishing as we know it today didn’t come around until around maybe 1970 and was supposedly started by Tony Channin.At times a compound called “Tigercut” was used but it was not like todays mirror like polishes. R. Brucker