60's longboards looking to buy

A friend of mine is looking to buy a 60’s longboard. His son will be in California on business from Australia. Can any body tell me where he can go and have a look at some boards. Are there any shops that specialise in old school boards, and the prices that are being asked for one in good condition. It will be a rider. He intends getting back into old school longboard comps. Something in the 9’6" to 10’ range. Thanks in advance platty.

Where in Ca.? San Diego, L.A., or some other. It makes a difference.

Down in San Clemente. OFF the 5 FWY at Pico towards the ocean. Left on las Molinas. On your left about a mile down that road, ther’s a ding repair shop with a longboard (yellow hanging in front of store. Guys name is Erwin spitz . He’ a collector, he can hook you up with vintage stuff. Also sells online I think… DR

Good call on Erwin. I know the gentleman, he is knowledgeable, fair, and honest.

My friends son will be in the Laguna area. Thanks platty.