6'3" XPS Fish


I'm working on my second board and thought I would post my progress.  It's a 6'3" Fish made from pink XPS.  It measures 1" at the nose, " at the center and 2.5" at the tail.  It has fairly flat rocker at the nose and I'm going with 50/50 soft rails except at the tail where it transitions to a hard rail, the bottom is flat.  I am wondering if the thickness is ok? 

The pics can be viewed here


Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks



Funky shaping stands maxpower!!  Those rails look kind of beefy, hopefully you haven’t finished shaping yet?

2.5 is super thick for the tail, but heck its a fish so it will make it super floaty, how thick is it at the center?

Yeah those shaping stands are odd looking I found the design on the internet but they work great and don't take up anyroom when I'm not using them.  I actually thinned out the rails this weekend so it should be alot better!

Its 3" thick at the center.  Thanks for the comments.

So I finally finished the board, it came out pretty well, in hindsight I think I should have thinned out the rails even more than I did.  The board was painted and then sealed with an automotive clearcoat.   I’m donating it to a friend who is going to auction it off at a fundraiser.  Time to start another one, this is addictive!

Looks good from my house :slight_smile:


and you are right , verry addicting !