6'4" Fish project

Hey like I said in other post I am so “virgin” on this shapin thing. It tooked like 2 years to decide on makin my own board.

I started by watching shaping videos, playin with small pieces of foam and a surform, autocad 3D max and PS for the cyber board etc.

Weeks ago i was in the car with my gfr searchin for a big piece of paperboard and guess what we find near to a garbage, lots of foam pannels.

My first atempt on makin a blank was a piece of crap coz i forgot to do some measurements.

My second try looks way better, actually i’ll go on till my blank will look like a surfboard. If everyting will be ok i will paint and glass it.

I was so damn scared when i cut the pannel in half and after shape it a lil bit i figure that it wasn’t str8 at all. So what i did vas get two str8 metal “things” as a  guide and shape it.

I will upload fotos of the project.

I can’t wait to finish it.

ok it’s almost ready, next step is to finish the stringer part and then the fiber glass.

I’m impressed man! Good job. Man, it must feel reward n biy from scratch! Have fun surf n it!

shaped  and painted next thing the hot coat …

That thing is looking good!  You gonna laminate it before the hotcoat?  Before you tac on those fins?  A winged butt crack.  Brilliant!  Mike

from my point of view it looks better than i tought. yeah i am gonna laminate it. I put the fins just to see how it’ll look like. I hope today i’ll have some time to do it at least to laminate the deck.


next step laminate the deck

the project was a 6’4"x 22"x3", but the virgin shapers are inclined to overshape. The result is a 6’2" x 21"1/2 x 2" 3/4

Most laminate the bottom first.  But, you’ve done everything else your own way, why stop now?  Mike


my point is  to have on rails something like a sandwich (deck/bottom/deck). i don’t know if it’s a good thing, but wtf.

my first try to laminate it was a fuckin mess two times the resin got gelled (catalyst somehting like 2,5% and 1,2%). 









If you can get uv cure resin in Spain give that a try.  Or, go a little lighter on the catalyst.  Hell, you figured out how to make a surfboard out of chunks of foam.  You’ll figure out how to laminate it.  Good luck.  Hope you give a ride report, too. Mike

pico I can’t see anything.

Thanks Mike, I will try today to go like u said a lil bit lighter on catalyst and maybe i’ll finish it.

Definitely I’ll give a ride report the only problem is to finish it.

About the UV cure… i’ll be glad to find a online store to buy it. The point is that for the first board i wanna go on old school and don’t waste money coz maybe i am not for this kind of things (eg. shaping).



new pics

i will never use normal catalyst … UV power

new pics

last pictures

My vote for thread of the year so far.  Cool fins. Mike

hahahah thx Mike