6'5'' shaped blank pics

Here are some photos of the 6’5’’ i was talking about in the other thread!

These are photos of the shaped blank.

6’5’’ - 20’’ - 2 1/2’’

More photos

Are you going to sand that tail down at all?

Just a small radius fillet in the deck’s edge, but it is already done, not visible in the photos, too small.

…Twa, if you go with this type of tails …you ll obtain glass problems…a lot of tiny bubbles in there…or if you glass yourself (rookie) you ll got a headache…

You are talking about the tail rail right?

I usualy make my tails like this. the guys at the glass shop always manage to do it nicely.

What would be the alternative?

A shaper from a factory in ericeira told me to do the tails like this.

And i believe you about the headache, i’m a zero when it comes to glassing…

Just thinking about glassing gives me headaches, thinking of the disaster i can make out of it…

I’ll post some pics of the first (and last) board i glassed someday, and you’ll see the disaster…

Can anyone tell me how does dis affect board perfomance?