6mm lexan polycarbonate sheet for keel fins.

I have chance of a sheet of 6mm lexan polycarbonate to make some keels.

What boxes would suit the 6mm thick base and has anyone tried this?

The material is meant to be 250 x stronger than glass and almost unbreakable!

Thanks for help in advance.


This is similar to the stuff I used on the Spacestick (check the homepage ) you should be able to get keels to fit into FCS plugs altough you will need thee or four on each fin. The trick is getting the spacing of the plugs and tabs right so you will have to make your own jigs !


Thanks Steve, do you have a template for the keel with lugs for fcs.

I copied Paul’s great keels and added the tabs to make a template. I space the tabs dependant on the size fin I am using !


So do you just cut out and foil? is it cheap? Whats it called in OZ? Thanks anyone.

Called the same thing Josh, just big $$$. Unless you know someone in the plastics industry and can get offcuts, don’t worry about it.