6oz. X 4oz. glassing question

I’m glassing a 9’4"x22.75" Step-deck Quad.

The blank is one of Aussie Foam. Very nice quality materail I must say.

Well I want to give the board a little extra strength so the nose doesn’t snap off where it’s been thinned out on one of the closeouts that I so often paddle into. I’m planning to glass the board by wrapping it with a 6oz. X 4oz. glass schedule and putting a 4oz. deck patch on the middle 2/3rds of the deck.

The board is basted with opaque colored resin mixed with Q cell and is ready for a freelap glass job.

Sowadayathink mates? Where should the patch go in the lamination stack? Where should the 4oz and the 6oz. go?


Happy Easter, Rich

I’ll take a stab because I’ve been laminated with the same schedule. I’d put the 4 oz on the outside to minimize the fill coat and the weight that it carries. I’d put the 4 oz deck patch deep, under the 6 oz to minimize the edge at the cut off.

I’m using double 4 on the bottom and 4/6 on top with foot patches. And either no stringer or a thin one. Hank Johns said that more layers of glass for a given total weight will give you a stronger lam. Pt in fact the G10 lam for sail board fins.

Good luck and PM me on when you have the blank size finalized. No rush on this end. thx

if it were me, I’d do the 4 oz, 4 oz deck patch, then 6 oz over all of it. Why? because on a nearly 23" wide board, my glass wouldn’t be wide enough to do it any other way. But, I would do cut laps. Big wide ones.