6th Board - Any Feedback?

5’10", 20-3/4", 2-5/8/"

screams on a fast Rincon wall

what do you think?

Couple of more.

Non-traditional Fish nose rocker. Thin tail. Stock blue resin tint. Designing my next fish as we speak.

Looks beautiful, 220. That nose does look like it has alot of rocker for a fish - does it seem to slow you down at all when you paddle?

Nice looking tint/glass work. Don’t like the fins, I like keels for fishys. Tail looks normal, can’t see the rocker too well to see if the nose is extreme. As long as you like it…nothing else matters…nice, have fun…

I think it looks like it would go well at big fast rincon! I’m a bit sceptical about the rocker but it looks fun to ride, ill have to try a fish like that.


220grit, If it screams on a fast Rincon wall, what I think is: I want to be standing on it! Got to get to Rincon some day. By the way…nice board. Been thinking about making a Big Boy fish. Doug