6top&6Bot vs. 2x4top&4Bot.

Glassing question - I usually do the 2x4 top and a 4 oz bottom lay-up on most of my short boards. Do to supply issues when I was first starting out, I had done a couple of boards with one 6oz on the top and one 6oz on the bottom. The boards came out pretty nice and the decks didn’t seem to weak. I was using PE resin at the time. Anybody used this lay up? What about with epoxy? How did things hold up for you? Thanks


4+4=8…6+0=6…6 instead of 4 on the bottom might not be a bad idea…but you are not standing on the bottom…on the deck id stick to at least the 4+4

hi mate

one 6 oz on the deck is pretty minimal bro, over here a board like that might not last the weekend. our factory favoured 4+4top-4 bot for our pros, or maybe a 6oz deck with a 1/2 patch(4oz), up to front foot…dont rely on a meesly 6 on your deck-specially with those heavy handed sanders (who just want to split, and get some waves!!)

i’ve been using 6 deck/6 bottom for quite some time with good results here in fla (polyurethane on clark blanks).

i think a lot also depends on the blank you use. the clark greens seem to suck up resin like a sponge and maybe there is more penetration by the resin into the blanks?

i don’t like to skimp on the amount of lam resin i use either. it’s not like we’re in some sort of contest to see how little resin we can use in the layup. i know its a few bucks more, but if that’s a factor, i’d rather spend it in the initial layup then have to repair a 6 inch delam 3 months later. or a buckle.

i have some boards that others have glassed for me, which delammed. i had some locally manufactured boards made way back when i was self employed and working my ass off and wasn’t building my own, which buckled or snapped noses off easily.

but myself, so far, i’ve done ok with the 6/6. haven’t had any snapage either, with any of the boards, just some delams as indicated.

on the other hand, it’s florida. so, how often do i ride? just about any time it breaks over knee hi.